Business Model Transformation


Business Model Transformation

You have the vision for your business, but do you have the structure to bring it to life? Business Model Transformation helps drive the business and operating model changes required to achieve an organization’s strategic vision. Deloitte's Business Model Transformation consultants are ready to help you capture new growth opportunities, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of consumer preferences. Across a broad range of specialties — enterprise model design, global business services, outsourcing, cost transformation, real estate, and location strategy — we help organizations set and execute their strategic vision and dramatically improve business performance.

Enterprise Model Design

Your strategy can only be as effective as your organization’s ability to execute it. That means your operating model should be designed to drive your strategy and make your business model a reality. Deloitte’s Enterprise Model Design (EMD) practice works with organizations to validate their transformation ambition, identify and prioritize the required capabilities, and design the operating model to effectively deliver on the strategy.


Transformation Program Integration

Deloitte’s Transformation Program Integration practice helps organizations orchestrate the many elements of a large, multifaceted transformation program. This program may include a variety of different projects, such as designing a new operating model, implementing shared services, leveraging new sourcing options, enterprise resource planning, devising talent programs, or any of a number of other components. We bring together specialty resources within Deloitte, such as tax, financial advisory, and enterprise risk services, to provide a coordinated, comprehensive approach. 


Strategic Cost Transformation

A big part of transforming your business model involves managing costs to enable profitable growth. Deloitte’s Strategic Cost Reduction practice focuses on structural, enterprise-wide changes that can produce sustainable cost savings and margin improvements. Based on our extensive experience with cost improvement programs across industries, we offer three broad cost reduction strategies that help organizations address cost categories tailored to their specific cost challenges.


Outsourcing Advisory

Would outsourcing improve your business? Deloitte’s Outsourcing Advisory practice can help you find out. We help organizations evaluate the value of outsourcing and navigate the full life cycle of the outsourcing journey, including IT, Finance, Procurement, and industry-specific processes. The goal is to deliver an environment where outsourced services are structured to perform effectively at a price that is both advantageous to the buyer and profitable for the vendor.


Shared Services

In many cases, an operating model led by shared service centers (SSCs) can more cost-effectively support the business and provide a platform to enable future growth. Deloitte’s Shared Services team works closely with executives to consider how a shared services operating model aligns with their organization’s business strategy to help drive desired results at the highest strategic levels.


Real Estate Transformation

Build or buy, own or rent — decisions about the facilities where your business and people operate is a critical part of the business model. Deloitte’s Real Estate Transformation practice assists companies in devising and executing real estate strategies to add value, improve service delivery, and mitigate risk.


Location Strategy

Where your facilities and people are located can be as critical to your organization’s effectiveness as the work they do. Deloitte’s Location Strategy practice helps you address complex location and footprint issues in ways that add value and mitigate risk. As objective location advisors — not brokers – we stay firmly focused on your priorities and how to locate your business to effectively support your strategy.


Customer Operations

What do customers experience when they interact with your business? Deloitte’s Customer Operations practice helps organizations develop, implement, and operationalize multichannel customer interaction capabilities for both external and internal customer-facing operations.

Minimum viable transformation

Leaders are taking lessons from the startup playbook on “minimum viable products” to launch minimum viable transformations—lightweight and readily adaptable versions of potential new business models.

Minimum viable transformation


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