GreenLight Solution by Deloitte

Tech-driven decarbonization insights to build a sustainable future

GreenLight is a modular end-to-end sustainability solution that unlocks a clear, actionable path to net-zero emissions. Step by step, you can transform strategy into action, and start working to reduce your company's carbon footprint in weeks, not months.

Your journey to net-zero begins here

GreenLight consists of modular software assets that you can pick and choose from across every stage of your decarbonization journey, leapfrogging work desk analytics solutions.

1. Establish your emissions baseline
Clearly see your entire GHG footprint to make strategic decisions to tackle decarbonization for your value chain

2. Set net-zero strategy and goals
Define your strategy and set achievable goals using science-backed abatement pathways

3. Evaluate your initiatives
Choose abatement projects based on identifiable tax and incentive return on investment

4. Develop and implement net-zero roadmap
Stress test strategies to align with your budget to inform prioritization of investment decisions

5. Report on your plans
Auditable reporting for internal and external audiences in alignment with key industry frameworks


If you are interested in this GreenLight solution or have any questions, please reach out to: 

  • Andrea Vogel - Partner Deloitte Consulting | Digital and Sustainable Finance
  • Sem de Spa - Director Digital Risk Solutions
  • Or one of the contacts listed below.

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