Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

As of 2024, businesses will need to be ready for CSRD. Are you?

CSRD is part of the Green Deal that ultimately aims to create a truly sustainable economy in the European Union. The measures go far beyond reporting: from strategy and policies to performance management, technology and controls implementation to change management and audit readiness. Furthermore, implications entail decarbonisation actions and implementing due diligence processes. We foresee the highest impact and relevance in the transformation of the business and we will share our different perspectives on the complex array of aspects around CSRD.

CSRD Series

We’ve created a series of 20-minute videos to guide you through the maze of related topics, from double-materiality to the EU taxonomy. Watch our episodes to understand not only what’s required, but also the real business benefits of getting this right. Every other week a new episode will be published.


Episode 1 | Setting the scene

In the first episode, we will give you a preview of what to expect in the series, the first insights from our interactions with clients and our key recommendations.


Episode 2 | Double materiality explained

In our second CSRD episode we explore the practical implications of the CSRD requirements around double materiality. Through a series of questions with experts in our team, we aim to demystify some of the complexities of a double materiality process.


Episode 3 | CSRD Risk and opportunities

In this CSRD episode, Han and Vanessa discuss the risks and opportunities of the new directive and its standards.


Episode 4 | Internal Controls

In this CSRD episode, our colleagues Shirley and Erwin discuss the relevance, challenges and the right approach for internal controls over sustainability reporting.


Episode 5 | The legal perspective of CSRD

In this CSRD episode Rozemarijn Bloemendal, Ruben Kamerling and Níamh Wall discuss what the legal perspective of the CSRD entails.


Episode 6 | CSRD and your company strategy

In this CSRD episode our colleagues Emma Giertz and Arjan de Draaijer talk about how strategy will connect back to your CSRD agenda.


Episode 7 | EU Taxonomy

In this CSRD episode Han Hindriks and Lily Malan discuss their insights about the EU Taxonomy.


Episode 8 | Climate strategic implications

In this CSRD episode our colleagues Ivan and Anne-Claire talk about climate change disclosure requirements under the CSRD.


Episode 9 | Audit Readiness

In this CSRD episode Albert Jan and Louise talk about audit readiness in relation to the CSRD.


Episode 10 | People at the heart of CSRD implementation

In this CSRD episode Ramin and Rick will focus on the people aspect of transformations such as CSRD implementation.

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Let's Connect for Impact

If you have any questions regarding CSRD. From double materiality, data & technology to implementing the social aspects and the strategic implications, please give us a call and we're happy to help.

Harvey Christophers

Sustainability Services lead

Wim Bartels

European Sustainability Senior Partner

Arjan de Draaijer

European Sustainability Senior Partner

Vanessa Otto-Mentz

Sustainability Performance Management, Disclosure and Assurance

Frits Klaver

Director Risk Advisory

Andrea Vogel

Consulting | Finance & Performance

Priti Hoffmann

Partner Risk Advisory

Anne Claire van de Wall Bake Dijkstra - Sustainable Finance Regulatory Requirements

Anne-Claire van den Wall Bake-Dijkstra

Sustainable Finance Regulatory Requirements

Nathalie la Verge

Social Risk & TMT Sustainability industry lead

Ivan Kukhnin

Climate and Nature risk lead

Ramin Farzam

Consulting | Human Capital Sustainability Lead

Han Hindriks

Risk Advisory Director

Vera Vos-Dekker

Audit Partner