5 tips to make the most out of Power BI


5 tips to make the most out of Power BI

How do I get the most out of Power BI?

Power BI gives you the chance to easily create dashboards and reports, visualizing your data and making it easier to understand. We at Deloitte have listed five tips to make your dashboards and reports even better.

Here are our 5 tips to make the most out of Power BI

Formulate clear KPI’s

A good report has a clear goal; that is why it is important to formulate KPI’s that ensure that your report is showing the right information. Creating these KPI’s can best be done together with the end-user. If that is not you, it is good to talk to them and find out what they really want to see on the dashboard.

Keep your audience/end-user in mind

Keep in mind who will be using the Power BI report you create. The information you find relevant or interesting might not be the information they need. As mentioned above, communicate with them if you can. If not, try and find out what information would be most important for them to know. This way, you can ensure that the information you are providing them with will be used.

Sometimes less is more

Power BI continuous to make more options available, and the design options are limitless. Despite the software being packed with features, don’t forget that sometimes simple and straightforward is best. It is possible to create reports that are detailed while keeping the content accessible and digestible. Sometimes all you need is a boring chart to present the data in the best way possible.

Tell the story

When presenting your data, keep the story in mind and not just the numbers. You are trying to communicate the main takeaways form the data into one screen. So, make sure the information you are presenting is clear and easy to digest.

Provide context

Don’t make the mistake of creating data reports without context. You need to make everyone understand why the information you have provided is important. You can do this by adding actionable points and questions that will allow you to extract the best value from each data visualization. You can also provide context by adding an introduction to provide additional information.

Want to find out more about Power BI? Don’t hesitate to contact our Center of Analytics & Robotics Excellence (CARE) team. They are highly experienced in interpreting data into standardized and structured reports in visually appealing, easily usable, and interactive dashboards, allowing you to gain accurate and relevant insights into your organization.

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