Grants and incentives in the Real Estate sector


Grants and incentives in the Real Estate sector

Addressing environmental challenges

Environmental challenges are more present than ever in today’s society. One of these challenges in the Netherlands is energy transition, aiming to reduce carbon emissions. The real estate sector offers several interesting opportunities that help to address this issue. However, preventing carbon emissions in the complete ecosystem of building and exploiting real estate can be quite an expensive challenge.

This article is written by Tim Hijdra (Deloitte Global Investment and Innovation Incentives, 2020) and outlines the opportunities for grants and incentives in the real estate sector.

Are you working for a real estate organization that could benefit from grants and incentives, but lacks the resources or skills to set a strategic approach to maximize results? Deloitte real estate professionals gladly offer their support in this decision-making process. For more information, get in touch with Tim Hijdra at 088 288 8707 or

Grants and Incentives in the RE sector - Tim Hijdra
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