Robots as a Service What is it, and what industries will it Impact


Robots as a Service: What is it, and what industries will it Impact

How is Robots as a Service impacting industries?

As more businesses are undergoing a complete digital transformation, newer technologies are being used for better process efficiency to address the growing business demands. As a result, Robotics and Robots as a Service is becoming increasingly more popular. Just like other shared services it is convenient, cost-effective and quicker to implement into business.

Is robots as a service a cloud-based service?

Robots as a service is a model that offers a combination of cloud computing, AI, Robotics and shared services. Clients don’t need to buy a solution, instead they are able to lease the robotic solutions as a cloud based service. RaaS offers a flexible method of implementing business technology within your processes. This means you are not required to make a large initial investment before being able to reap the benefits of robotics. Consequently, organizations are able to keep a competitive edge, while at the same time being able to h, enhance employee engagement, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

RaaS in different industries

The Robots as a Service model is already widely used in certain industries, but with its increasing popularity the adoption of this model is increasing in a wide range of industries like retail, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, electronics and even education. This growth is driven by the increase in labor costs, the shortage in skilled labor and the reduced price of robotic systems.

As robotic capabilities continue to expand and the investment is robot development keeps increasing, this will help to bring down the costs even further. Making robots as a service more accessible to even more industries and organizations.


The evolution of Robots as a Service

Because Robotics is evolving on a daily basis, along with the supporting technologies. Thanks to increasing amounts of data, and the increased ability of the robots to perceive this data, they gain the power to make more complex decisions.

As the technology evolves they will not only be able to provide innovative and efficient solutions to the businesses, the businesses will also be able to get the robots to engage into more human intensive processes like decision making and other processes that require more analytical thinking.

As working environments become more diverse, robots need to become more dynamic, yet remain easy to program and customize. The need of the hour is better performing robots that can function autonomously and without endangering the human workforce. And all this must come with affordability.

Better technology inventions, especially in the open source arena will help create better robots.

The future of RaaS

Although RaaS is a relatively young technology, the impact it can have on an organization is huge. As it continues to evolve through creative ideas and exciting business challenges, the service will accelerate innovation and disrupt entire business operations in various industries.

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