Brexit: a Dutch perspective


Brexit: a Dutch perspective

Navigating through uncertainty and change

What does the Brexit mean for businesses in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe? Is your business ready to adapt, take new opportunities and mitigate any downside risks?

The UK decision to leave the EU is the first of its kind. What lies ahead for many organisations is a period of uncertainty. The future remains unclear but is likely to be complex, firm-specific, and open-ended.

The Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) suggests that the Brexit will have a major effect on the economy of the Netherlands, projected at costs running up to 1.2% of the Dutch GDP, or 10 billion euros, by 2030. If losses in trade-induced innovation is taken into account, this cost rises to 2% of the Dutch GDP.1 For most such an economic impact also comes with great potential to excel when risks managed and opportunities capitalised. The Deloitte Brexit team is ready to navigate your business through uncertainty and change in the coming period.

Brexit a Dutch perspective

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