Doing business in the Netherlands


Doing business in the Netherlands

Optimize your business structure in the heart of Europe

Whether it concerns tax, accounting, risk-management, consultancy or financial advice our experts are available to help.

The Netherlands will serve you right

In a globalized economy you are always looking to broaden your horizon. There are many reasons to choose the Netherlands as your next investment destination: it has a fast and efficient infrastructure and great socio-economic conditions.

The Netherlands also has a stable, growing and active economy with an extensive services sector and highly innovative industries like agriculture, life sciences, electronics, food and flowers, the chemical industry, water technology and engineering. It moreover serves as a stepping stone to Europe and the rest of the world.


How we can help

However, establishing your business abroad might be challenging. You are not familiar with the language, rule of law and fiscal policies. How will all of this impact your cash flow? We understand that this might be challenging. Deloitte has helped many multinationals before you and can also help you turn your decision into a successful and profitable action plan.

To ensure that the effects of your expansion are crystal clear, Deloitte offers you the Dutch Desks. Our experts can provide valuable advice about investment decisions in the Netherlands. Our national network of bilingual professionals works closely with colleagues all over the world to deliver top-quality services to globalizing foreign companies.

We can assist you in issues such as:

  • Transfer pricing;
  • Advising on fiscal policy when acquiring a Dutch company;
  • Limiting your withholding tax on interests and dividends.

Our excellent team of experts also includes bilingual people that have thorough knowledge of both the Dutch system and the tax system of your country and can advice you in your own language.

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