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Executive Remuneration Trends

An overview of our key observations on remuneration news, trends, and reports.

Spring update | March 2023

Our key observations on 2022 remuneration reports published by 3 March 2023 and outlook 2023 AGM season.

Spring update 2023

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Autumn update | November 2022

In this challenging, volatile economic environment, remuneration committees (“RemCos”) will face heightened scrutiny around executive remuneration decisions and actions taken. Stakeholders will assess quality of decision-making against the backdrop of the deepest squeeze in household living standards in decades, evolving regulation and market standards, and elevated expectations around ESG. In this briefing, we explore four RemCo hot topics for this autumn based on latest market and investor insights.

Autumn update 2022

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In this briefing, we explore four RemCo hot topics for this Autumn based on latest market and investor insights:

Salary review and decisions

Incentive payouts

EU remuneration report (draft) guidelines

Key considerations ahead of the 2023 AGM season

Analysis of 2021 Remuneration reports, AGM outcomes and takeaways

Key observations on 2021 Remuneration reports, key takeaways from the AGM season and hot topics impacting the 2022 RemCo agenda.

Analysis of 2021 remuneration reports

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