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Dutch tax policy developments

View on the latest Dutch tax developments 

At the end of 2021 we have seen an unprecedented number of publications and communications from the EU and the OECD on international tax. During that same period the new Dutch government published its coalition agreement. In this paper we provide our views on these developments and insights on what these could mean for businesses.

Author: Stephen Brunner - January 2022 -

One of the most impactful recent tax developments is the implementation of a global minimum corporate income tax (GloBE or Pillar 2). The publications of the OECD show that the Pillar 2 rules are complex. Almost 140 countries have agreed with the Pillar 2 proposals and will have to implement these rules in their local legislation, thus this will create a new level playing field

It therefore makes sense to not look at tax in isolation but focus on the total balance of government contributions. Therefore, we dive deeper into the EU and Dutch Tax agenda in this paper. Please download the full PDF via the download button on the right or click here.


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Dutch tax policy developments

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