EU initiates probe on Argentine biodiesel subsidies


EU initiates probe on Argentine biodiesel subsidies

Global Trade News Alert – 04-2018

The European Commission has initiated an investigation if exporting producers of biodiesel have benefited from subsidies in Argentina.

6 February 2018

On 31 January 2018, the European Commission initiated an investigation on whether exporting producers of certain biodiesel products have benefited from subsidies in Argentina.

The product subject to the investigation is fatty-acid mono-alkyl esters and/or paraffinic gas oils obtained from synthesis and/or hydro-treatment, of non-fossil origin, commonly known as biodiesel.

The investigation is an alternative means for imposing additional tariffs on imported biodiesel from Argentina and Indonesia following these countries’ successful challenge before the WTO (in 2016) and subsequent termination of EU anti-dumping duties that had been in effect since 2013.

What does it mean for you?

The European Commission investigation may to lead to the imposition of provisional anti-subsidy duties as from 31 October 2018, while definitive anti-subsidy duties are expected to commence on 27 February 2019 for a five-year period.

Action steps?

If your company is importing, exporting, trading or using the product being investigated by the European Commission, you may be affected. You may wish to register with the investigating authority, which will preserve your right to make your views known during the investigation and, in some cases, to request individual treatment. Registration must be made within 15 days of the date of publication of the Notice, i.e. by 15 February 2018.

Deloitte’s Global Trade Advisory specialists have hands-on experience in trade defence investigations and are part of a global network of professionals who can provide specialized assistance to companies seeking to defend their interests in such cases.

More on Initiation of an investigation for anti-subsidy rights on biodiesel from Argentina?

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