Immigration inspections in the Netherlands


Immigration inspections in the Netherlands

First sanctions imposed and continued inspections in 2019

The partnership between the IND and Inspection SZW will be further intensified and combined inspections will continue in 2019. Employers are encouraged to regularly conduct internal reviews of their records in preparation for an audit by IND inspectors. Deloitte offers a range of services to help you prepare for an inspection. In order to assess the level of compliance we offer a Recognized Sponsorship Quick Scan in combination with or as a separate service Deloitte’s Immigration Data Analytics. We also offer guidance on the best approach during an inspection by means of an inspection protocol and process aligned with your company’s standards.

Status and prospect immigration inspections

In our news update from February 27, 2018 we announced the visits by the Dutch immigration authorities (IND) to recognized sponsors. We can confirm that they are taking place on a weekly basis. The IND has furthermore participated in combined inspections with Inspection SZW.

Breaches were identified and in those cases fines and sanctions were imposed. In cases of structural breaches, the recognized sponsor status was revoked, and residence permits were cancelled.

Based on the breaches found, the IND and Inspection SZW have announced that they will continue their combined inspections in 2019.

What does it mean for employers?

Time frame: Immediate and ongoing visits from the IND and/or Inspection SZW where they will assess immigration compliance.

Subject: Employers acting as a recognized sponsor and all residence and work permits granted on that basis.

Business impact: Companies found in breach face warning, administrative fines, and, in serious cases, revocation of their recognized sponsor status and cancelation of the foreign employee’s work authorization and residence permits.

Next steps: Prepare for a visit by IND and/or Inspection SZW: contact your Deloitte professional to assess the external audit readiness. We offer Immigration Data Analytics visualizing risk using real time employee data and a Recognized Sponsorship Quick Scan: an indicative file review designed to provide insight in your current immigration compliance status.


Dutch companies or organizations that want to recruit highly skilled migrants or scientific researchers require recognized sponsor status with the IND. Furthermore, the recognized sponsor status enables faster and simplified processes for many residence and work permits.

The IND grants residence permits based on recognized sponsors’ ‘own statements’. There is no in-depth application check by the IND upfront.

The IND inspectors will review whether the recognized sponsor fulfills its duties (as outlined in our earlier news update). Inspection SZW will review whether the employees have work authorization.

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