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A plea for tax digitization in The Netherlands

Mandatory e-invoicing and real time reporting and the digital tax (r)evolution 

The global trend of mandatory e-invoicing and real time reporting - most notably in the VAT area - is a worldwide digital tax (r)evolution. It transforms many tax regimes and the way in which multinationals and tax authorities are interacting. So why is it that we are seeing so little of the digital tax (r)evolution around us when the rest of the world is clearly shifting gears.

Author: Rogier Vanhorick - February 2022 -

The time to digitize is now

It needs to be said that the tax function itself has been broadly lagging behind for years, being mostly a non-digitized area where paper returns, Excel spreadsheets and manual intervention galore still today. We have seen tax struggling to keep up and perhaps this has also been due to a lack of regulation and actual need to transform and move into the digital area as absolute tax revenues for governments have been growing steadily over the years.

There is a major and fundamental shift in the way tax authorities will approach taxpayers and how Tax and legal compliance needs to be done and managed.  So what do we see happening in that area around us?

In this paper we will take a plea for more tax digitization in the Netherlands. Incorporating international developments with an EU-wide overview of regulatory changes and digital tax requirements. Thus concluding with steps and actions the tax department can take to become more digital and future proof. 

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A plea for tax digitization in the Netherlands

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