Robots in the Tax and Legal environment


Robots in the Tax and Legal environment

The Battle: Three specialists versus one robot

What happens when three tax specialists take on a battle against a robot? Deloitte performed a live demonstration of Robotic Process Automation in a tax and legal environment at the 2017 TaxLab event. Results made it crystal clear that now is the time to hire a robot as your newest team member.

Wobke Hählen is Tax Lead Robotic Process Automation and Tax Management Consulting Partner within Deloitte the Netherlands. Six months ago she and her team started building Robotic Process Automation (RPA) expertise, investing in knowledge by partnering with RPA experts and gaining hands-on expertise. Now, Hählen and her team are successfully unleashing the power of RPA, internally within Deloitte as well as with clients. Hählen shares her story.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Demo TaxLab 2017

Keep talent engaged

It was a great learning experience and journey. Also it was wonderful to see how our young talents became very enthusiastic. After all, young tax specialists often still have to spend too much time on repetitive tasks, which no one likes. Many millennials nowadays are continuously looking for new challenges in their career, spending a significant amount of their time on repetitive tasks doesn’t keep them engaged.

RPA not a threat

RPA therefore is not a threat but a solution. Our challenge is to become even better tax and legal specialists, and this is where RPA comes in as a time-saver and solution to the question who will perform the repetitive tasks. Technology will always be supportive to the business, and will enable tax specialists to deliver better and higher quality services, and last but not least helps employees to engage in more fulfilling tasks.

Many opportunities for implementation

Nowadays technology has improved so much, even we tax specialists can work with robotics, since you don’t need deep programming skills anymore. Of course you will need to invest to start working with RPA, but it is relatively easy to get started. During the Deloitte TaxLab 2017 event we demonstrated a robot competing against three tax specialists.

The battle: three tax specialists against a robot

The challenge was to generate as many invoices as possible in an hour, performing a set of around forty manual processing tasks, reconciling information from different sources to create and send invoices. In many finance, tax and legal functions within organizations it is very common that these type of simple actions are still being performed manually. With this battle we want to demonstrate that it is already quite easy to automate these tasks and that it’s a clear case now is the time to bring in a robot as a new team member. Not only the work will be done faster and with less flaws, also employees will be happier now that they can dedicate their time to more challenging and creative tasks.

Final score: 192 receipts for the robot against 129 for the three specialists

Not surprisingly the result of the battle was in favour of the robot. She won from the three tax specialists producing almost 50% more receipts in the same amount of time. Building the robot took one team member only 4 hours. So the advantage is clear. Using RPA, your tax and legal work will be done faster, with less flaws and your existing team will enjoy a more fulfilling and challenging role finding solutions for complex questions. The time is right to hire a robot as your next tax or legal team member!

Start today

Hählen’s advice to tax and legal specialists: “Start reading about RPA, about what it is, how it will impact your tax function and start experimenting. It has changed our work, it has excited my team and I believe there are great opportunities to support us in our daily work. I became an expert by learning from others and I would like to pay this forward. So feel free to reach out to me and I will be happy to share my RPA experience with you over a coffee!”

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