Some business travelers now exempt from COVID-19 entry restrictions


Some business travelers now exempt from COVID-19 entry restrictions

The Dutch government has added a new exemption category to its list of travel ban exemptions

Effective 21 September, 2020 a limited number of non-EU business travelers are exempt from the COVID-19 entry restrictions. Travelers must be in possession of a ‘Note Verbale’ issued by a Dutch Embassy in order to travel under this exemption.

What is the change?

In order to qualify, the following high-level conditions must be met:

  • Travelers must have a confirmed appointment with a registered company in the Netherlands or with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA).
  • The appointment must be considered urgent, and the traveler must show a reason why the meeting must take place in person.
  • The appointment must meet at least one of the following conditions:
    o The meeting would result in the creation of at least five new jobs or a minimum investment of €500,000.
    o The visit could result in a foreign investment to add to the Dutch innovation capacity or further digitization of the Dutch economy.
    o The Dutch organization the foreign national is visiting (1) has at least 10 FTE employees and/or €2 million in annual turnover and (2) the visit is important to the continuation of daily operations, maintenance, the creation of jobs or growth in the company’s annual turnover.

Travelers who meet this exemption are subject to all other Dutch visa and COVID-19 entry rules and regulations.

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