Tytho now part of Deloitte Tax Management Consulting


Tytho now part of Deloitte Tax Management Consulting

Together we are better than the sum of our parts

Per April 1st 2018, Tytho integrated its business with Deloitte. By merging both tax technology teams, Deloitte’s position as innovative market leader is reinforced. As part of Deloitte the combined team will continue to innovate and assist companies navigate in the increasingly complex and integrated business, finance, tax and technology landscape.

Eliza Alberts-Muller, one of the founders and managing partner of Tytho, is excited about the Deloitte - Tytho combination. "Together we are better than the sum of our parts. With this move, we clearly follow our strategy of being the best in tax technology. Our expertise of our clients’ business, their ERP and tax technology tools as well as our Tytho ITL Solutions make a great match with Deloitte’s expertise and innovative power."

Eliza will join the Deloitte tax technology leadership team together with, Susanne de Nooijer-Kouwenhoven and Martijn van Hoof the other Tytho founders. They will play a key role in Deloitte’s growth strategy, which has technology as priority. Eliza: "Our cultural match, similar can-do mindset and complementary teams are the perfect ingredients to reach our mutual goals and continue to lead and shape the tax technology market.”

Two innovative tax leaders

Deloitte is recognized around the world for its leadership in tax technology initiatives in both SAP and Oracle, as well as third party tax applications. It is pioneering emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and RPA.

Tytho, a consulting and software company based in the Netherlands with offices in the UK and the US will as part of Deloitte continue to provide its clients with sustainable tax automation and tax technology solutions. With their agnostic view on solutions they cover any ERP and indirect tax application. The partnerships with the tax technology vendors will be continued and accelerated. The Tytho ITL Suite of SAP add-on products will be further extended and adapted to the SAP S/4HANA platform.

Although acquired by Deloitte, Tytho will still deliver consultancy, training and support for tax automation and technology challenges. The enhanced Deloitte tax management consulting team covers the entire tax technology landscape: from law to code, from tax technology roadmap to implementation of ERP solutions, and more.

More information

Please check out our Tax Management Consulting homepage for more information about our tax offerings. For questions or enquiries, please contact Eliza Alberts-Muller via +31 (0)88 288 0148.

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