Tax savings through a correct WOZ-valuation


Tax savings through a correct WOZ-valuation

Do not allow an inflated WOZ-value to unnecessary  suppress your returns!

The growing trend of the past years continues, the WOZ-values will rise again in 2022. The combination of the increase in value and higher rates of the local taxes and levies result in higher expenses. Your property will be taxed more heavily and therefore it’s important to look critically at the WOZ-value. An inflated WOZ-value can lead to an unnecessary high amount of taxes to be paid. We are able to evaluate this for you. In principle, the WOZ assessments will be imposed in February. The possibility to submit a notice of objection against a WOZ decision needs to be filed within 6 weeks from the date of the original WOZ-decision.


Within Deloitte, we have created a WOZ-manager. This is an automated system that provides insight in the WOZ-value of your property portfolio, based on a database of market transactions and in a quick and reliable manner.


If you believe that COVID-19 has had an influence on the usage of your property, then this could potentially affect the WOZ-valuation.

Purchase protection

More and more municipalities intend to adopt purchase protection for homes under a certain WOZ-value. These homes cannot be rented out. This regulation leads to a great deal of uncertainty on the housing market for investors and will also result in changes of the WOZ-values for a particular group of houses.

The write-off restriction of the corporate income tax

In the corporate income tax, a write-off restriction for buildings is applicable. This restriction entails that depreciation for tax purposes only takes place up to 100% of the WOZ-value (of the buildings), also referred to as the base value. This implies that when the base value is higher than the book value of the building, depreciation for this part is no longer possible. Therefore, the lower the WOZ-value, the more room for depreciation there will be.

Energy Tax

In practice, we encounter overpayments on the energy tax frequently. An assembly of WOZ-properties can lead to energy tax savings of thousands of euros annually, for large-scale consumers, if two or more WOZ-properties are merged.

Grants and investment deductions

Do you intend to make an investment, particularly in terms of renovations, new constructions and sustainability? Our grant professionals can possibly support you. The advantage that can be obtained, has increased significantly in 2022. We know firsthand, that these possibilities are often overlooked.

Reach out to Deloitte for assistance

Our team of professionals in the field of the WOZ & Environment has good relationships with municipalities and the tax authority. Moreover, our team consists of specialists regarding sustainability and innovation. We also feature innovative tools to accelerate the process. We gladly advise you about the opportunities regarding your property portfolio.

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