Young TaxLab – 9 May 2017


Young TaxLab – 9 May 2017

Ready for the (tax) future

Tax and legal matters for startups: Are you ready for the future? Following last year’s success, we hosted Deloitte’s second edition of Young TaxLab on 9 May 2017. It was an interactive and innovative event where startups and young Deloitte professionals met. We look forward to host the next edition in 2018 and discuss the impact of tax and legal topics of your business

Young TaxLab 2017

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Tax and legal matters for startups

As a startup, you are equipped with unlimited possibilities to lay the foundation for your future business. In this phase, startups experiment with organizational models such as the Lean Startup Methodology and focus on business development, investors and new technologies. The company’s tax and legal position might not be the topic to think of at first hand when developing the fundaments of your company. However, investing in tax and legal knowledge at an early stage is an investment that will have its benefits in the (near) future..

There are already choices you have to make regarding your tax and legal position in order to have an efficient organizational set-up.

Which employee benefits plans are beneficial for you and your staff? Financial forecasting: how do you make sure you will generate sufficient cash flow to pay next months’ salaries? What customs issues may you anticipate when expanding your business beyond national borders?

This is where we come in……

That’s why we offered young professionals the unique opportunity to participate in the second edition of Young Taxlab on 9 May 2017. It was an exciting afternoon with many discussions on tax and legal matters, one-on-one brainstorming sessions and several workshops.

Besides that, we had a keynote speech by former Layar CEO, Quintin Schevernels, great insights on legal and tax matters for your company, and challenging workshops.

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