Robots As A Service (Raas)


Robots As A Service (RaaS)

Robots As A Service is the future of automation

Robots as a Service (RaaS) is becoming increasingly popular; like other shared services, it is convenient, cost-effective, and easy to implement. With the momentum around RaaS growing, so is the number of installations. But what is Robots as a Service, why is it becoming so popular, and how can Deloitte support you in RaaS?

What is Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS)?

RaaS is a flexible solution for organizations that are thinking of using robotics but do not have the know-how or in-house recourses to maintain such robotic solutions. Robots as a Service allows a company to have the benefits of robotic process automation by leasing robotic devices and accessing a cloud-based subscription service. This way, they do not have to purchase the equipment outright, avoiding the downsides of ownership and helping them maintain their bottom line.

What are the advantages of RaaS?

Businesses are increasingly intrigued with RaaS because of its flexibility, scalability, and lower cost of entry than traditional robotics programs.
Robots are quite expensive, meaning it can take years before companies realize a return on their investment. This has kept many organizations from investing in robots. RaaS allows small-and-medium-sized businesses to benefit from robotics and automatization without this initial investment. It also gives organizations the ability to scale up and down rapidly and easily in response to changing market conditions and client needs. RaaS offers more predictable costs and less upfront capital to get started. Globalization has also reduced the cost of hardware, and it is easy to sign up and find powerful and cheap cloud computing systems that allow robots to be offered as a variable cost service with the subscription packages. Additionally, companies are already comfortable with the business model, as many are already using the software as a service model.
Many companies in several industries are benefitting from RaaS. As other sectors realize uses for robots, RaaS lowers the barrier to entry for them to test them out and experiment with robotic solutions.

How can we, as Deloitte, help you with Robots as a Service?

Our solutions are tailor-made, intuitively designed, and help benefit your employees by getting more satisfaction out of their work. We offer on-site support and training to use our technology-enabled solutions, ensuring increased productivity sustainably.

Our team consists of highly trained professionals passionate about helping your business use technology and possess the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise to solve all robotic or analytics-related queries efficiently. This could include:

  • Identifying and discussing your needs and related improvements
  • Building or improving with the help of highly trained professional experts
  • Implementation and the run on the premise, handover, or transfer to the cloud

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