Technology Enabled Services


Technology Enabled Services

Intelligent & Robotic Process Automation, Data Analytics and more.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and its wide-spread adoption of new technology is changing the way we work. Organizational decision-makers need to be aware that they can get entrapped in traditional, non-disruptive thinking and have to make their decisions efficiently to maintain a competitive edge.

Your situation

  1. New technology solutions that could optimize business results are on the rise.
  2. You seek solutions that are non-disruptive, cost-effective and easy to maintain.

The BPS promise

  1. Increased employee satisfaction
  2. 100% Accuracy, speed, compliance and reliability 
  3. Game-changing business insights

Our solutions

  1. Transparent and compliant business processes, better insight into risks and opportunities
  2. Technology-driven, state of the art processes that yield optimal efficiency


  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)
  • Robot-as-a-Service (RaaS)
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualisation
  • Business Intelligence

The Deloitte Business Process Solutions (BPS) technology team helps you to reinforce your technology-driven business model or smoothly transition into one. Our solutions are tailor-made, intuitively designed, and help benefit your employees by getting more satisfaction out of their work. We offer on-site support and training to sustainably use our technology enabled solutions, ensuring increased productivity.

Are you looking for a collaboration in the form of a business partnership or as a new addition to our team? Contact Martijn Kösters at +316 227 541 58

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Martijn Kösters

Martijn Kösters


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