Global subsidy advice


Global subsidy advice

Grants & Incentives

Many countries offer generous grants, credits, and incentives in areas such as the digital economy, energy efficiency, environment, globalization, innovation, sustainability, and training. Research and development (R&D) incentives provide significant tax benefits at the federal, state, and local level. Deloitte Global Investment & Innovation Incentives (Gi³) tax team is a global service line of specialists dedicated to providing broad-based tax incentive services, including research and development and Government Incentives.

Global network and methodology, local translation

We are where you are. We have a dedicated Grants and Incentives team with operations around the world, with more than 200 staff in Europe and a further 600 grants and incentives specialists around the world. Our teams are based in-country, on the ground, and are able to provide tailored information to support your specific needs. We are able to provide local insights and early knowledge around changes in policy which could affect the incentive environment.

Global – Gi3 Brochure

Integrated team

Members of our team have previously spent time either working for or seconded to some of the principal grant and R&D tax relief awarding bodies; we understand how the mechanisms work and how incentive priorities are set by the grant awarding bodies. We are able to form integrated teams of people with different background and expertise like R&D tax specialists, Industry specialists and grants and incentives professionals with strong experience in all aspects of claims strategy, preparation, and defense.

Innovative technology solutions

We have a unique, Deloitte-hosted, internet-based application (iSmart) designed to assist large companies with the collection, management, evaluation, and computation of data and information to help substantiate and manage claims and applications. Next to that we have developed RD&I Analytics to identify matching EU grants and relevant collaboration partners also outside the usual suspects.

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Helene Geijtenbeek

Helene Geijtenbeek


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