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Remote Work

The new normal

Deloitte has in-house expertise on designing and operationalizing remote work. We support in developing policy and process, understanding and providing insights into the current state of your workforce and analyzing the risk and compliance obligations. All to prepare your organization for the future around remote work.

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Your challenge

Flexible, hybrid and remote working (Remote Work) is high on the agenda of many organizations. Employees have more and more questions about remote work, both nationally and internationally. Organizations are looking for answers to these questions whereby it is clear to all internal stakeholders under what conditions remote work can be made possible. It is therefore important for organizations to have policies in place regarding remote work.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte has all the expertise to assist organizations in setting up remote work. We can assist in creating a policy, providing insight into the work location of the population, analyzing the compliance risks and providing solutions to make your organization ready for remote work.

Deloitte can help organizations evaluate the variety of stakeholders across functions that may need to align and identify priority actions to ensure a successful remote work strategy can be achieved - enhancing employee experience and business unit efficiencies, while mitigating risk.

Our solution

We can help organisations design and operationalize a remote work environment. The objectives are to understand the current state (identify remote worker locations and assess the risks and compliance obligations), develop a policy and a process (to develop a decision making framework to manage remote work requests and mittigate complance risks) and communicate and execute (to develop a remote work policy, processes, and a governance model to implement long-term remote work).


Manon de Boer

Manon de Boer


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Edwin van der Graaff

Edwin van der Graaff


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