Tax Technology


Tax Technology

Technology options evolve inside and outside tax departments, so the role of technology continually grows more important in the tax and finance functions. Organizations that have installed an ERP or consolidation system, or are considering an implementation, often overlook the tax-related functionality now built into these systems and the impact of these systems on the tax department.

In recent years, tax software vendors have added tax functionality and increased reporting capabilities to their suites of products. Enhancements to these tax-specific systems provide a variety of methods to automate and reduce the spreadsheet-based processes that are prone to introducing risks into the business’s tax accounting, compliance and reporting.
Finally, enterprise software firms have recently introduced new solutions and functionality into the tax arena further expanding the need for organizations to understand everything that is available to them. Often overlooked, but perhaps most important, is the fact that technology is dependent upon process automation. A detailed understanding of current processes and a thoughtful design of future processes with a lens to capabilities that technology offers is critical as part of any technology transformation.

Tax Technology Landscape

Our solution

With tax technology expertise, we help organizations tax enable their finance systems, based on the data and information requirements for the entire record-to-report cycle for tax.

Our consulting encompasses direct and indirect tax requirements and the related data to support tax function overall. We also assist with data gathering and implementation of workflow management solutions. Integration of tax data requirements into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is increasingly critical for tax departments to operate effectively and obtain the tax-sensitized data needed for accounting and tax reporting purposes. Furthermore, Tax technology architecture roadmaps are also part of our advisory services.

Our team further consults on design, vendor selection and implementation of tax software for global and local purposes for both direct and indirect taxes (Oracle, Thomson Reuters, Longview, Vertex etc.). Services include integrating software through the entire record-to-report business cycle for tax. Solutions include enterprise systems, middleware, tax applications and management reporting dashboards.

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