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Effective management of global trade decisions and obligations is an important factor in a global supply chain. Today, multinational groups must integrate their customs and international trade processes into their overall business strategy and international trade operations.

The increasing digitalization of compliance and reporting obligations requires businesses to manage and report their customs and global trade activities electronically.  Real time self-assessment and control checks are becoming standard.

Deloitte specialists develop customs and global trade automation strategies that can identify opportunities for simplification and efficiency, analyze data and manage the risks, and costs associated with customs and global trade management and reporting.

Deloitte’s customs and global trade specialists work alongside technology specialists to provide a unique, holistic perspective on customs and global trade automation strategies.  Our professionals have helped many clients develop tailored solutions that have been implemented without disruption to ongoing compliance or core business activities.

Deloitte’s customs compliance solution TrackonTrade integrates with existing operational processes and ERP and helps businesses by automating various European import, export, storage, processing and transportation procedures, documents and data. TrackonTrade is regularly updated, allowing your businesses to be compliant with the latest legislative and regulatory changes.

TrackonTrade is delivered by Deloitte’s European Customs and Global Trade network including specialized customs tax lawyers, software application and database specialists.

Trackon Trade


Johan Hollebeek

Johan Hollebeek


Ik ben als partner verantwoordelijk voor het Customs TMC team, met offerings rond data analytics en customs management oplossingen (onder andere TrackonTrade). Gespecialiseerd in douanewaarde kwesties... Meer

Paul de Vries

Paul de Vries


Sinds 2003 ben ik in dienst bij Deloitte. Als director ben ik verantwoordelijk voor ons douane management systeem TrackonTrade. Mijn werkzaamheden bestaan uit verkoop, implementatie begeleiding en lei... Meer