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Digital Consumer Trends Survey 2021: Dutch Edition

Insights into the latest Dutch digital consumer trends

The Digital Consumer Trends Survey is a global report measuring consumer preferences and habits around digital products and services. Spanning over a decade, our research in this field has tracked consumer behaviours across the history of smart devices - from the early adoption of smart phones through to the growth of smart speakers and the introduction of 5G.

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This Dutch edition gives insights into topics such as consumer's perception towards data privacy, device usage, fake news, attitudes towards 5G and more.

The full 2021 Digital Consumer Trends dashboard includes, but is not limited to, these three themes:

  1. How are people's usage of digital services (social media and subscription services) evolving?
  2. How is the Dutch landscape of mobile usage and services providers evolving?
  3. How are people's behavior around data privacy evolving?

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Theme 1: digital services: changing trends in usage and attitudes

Digital services, such as social media and subscription services, are a mainstay of consumer lifestyles today. The smartphones, tablets and wearables make these services accessible to us at all times, leading to the possibility of being ever-connected.

However, as people were bogged down in their homes for most of last year, digital fatigue seems to become apparent. This also impacts the way in which people are using various digital services for different purposes such as news and entertainment.

So what changes can we see in the Netherlands? How are people using social media to consume news? Are they still hooked on to social media like they were in the past or do we see changes? What determines whether they continue or cancel a digital service? Answers to these questions, and more, can be explored in this Digital Consumer Trends Survey theme.

Theme 2: devices and operators: changes in usage and attitudes

As we have spent more time inside our homes since the pandemic began, smart phones have gained a greater importance in our lives. But what factors are users influenced by when selecting a smart phone? How do these factors vary across countries and age groups? Do more people consider buying a refurbished phone now?

The theme also dives into usage trends on smartphones and other smart devices. Which mobile brands are the most common in the Netherlands? How is the market share of different mobile brands evolving over time? Which smart devices are users now getting hooked on to? And which devices are seeing a decline in usage?

Furthermore, this theme analyses the telco operator market share for both mobile and fixed connections and compares customer loyalty across mobile operators. Do people stick to the same brand for their mobile phone and home internet broadband provider? How do market share and customer loyalty vary across mobile operators?

Lastly, the theme provides insights on the attitudes of people on 5G. Do people in the Netherlands know enough about 5G to influence their buying decision? How do people in the Netherlands compare to the some of the other European countries?

Answers to these questions, and more, can be explored in this second Digital Consumer Trends Survey theme.

Theme 3: Data Privacy and Covid-19: changes in usage and attitudes

Data Privacy is a topic that is gaining more and more attention amongst consumers and companies alike. People generate massive amounts of data through their interactions with devices, websites and applications, many of which are of a personal nature. Are consumers’ concerns regarding data privacy rising? Are consumers changing their interactions with cookie settings because of these concerns?

Furthermore, COVID has had a large impact all across the globe, disrupting everyday life and bringing about many changes. How have consumers perceived COVID? Are there differences based on the age or nationality?

All these changes have given rise to the spread misinformation which has been greatly amplified by the accessibility and reach of social media platforms. Do consumers believe in statements about the health impacts of masks or 5G? Does age or the source of news have an impact in those beliefs?

Answers to these questions, and more, can be explored in the third Digital Consumer Trends Survey theme!

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