Digital infrastructure an enabler for the digital economy and society


Digital infrastructure an enabler for the digital economy and society

New report: Dutch Digital Infrastructure 2016

The digital infrastructure is the foundation for the digital economy and society and an enabler of economic growth. Research by Deloitte shows that the Netherlands has a leading position on digital infrastructure in Europe.

Our Dutch digital infrastructure is a foundation for the emerging digital economy and society and contributes to economic growth and quality of life. On an international level, the Dutch digital infrastructure sector stands out as a differentiator. Our position is attracting international digital companies and is a basis for Dutch digital companies to be successful abroad. With a leading position in networks, data centers and internet exchanges, it is one of the key reasons for foreign digital companies to locate here.

Dutch Digital Infrastructure 2016

Developments in digital infrastructure

Developments in infrastructure are going fast and our country has a leading position in Europe. Our internet traffic continues to grow at approximately 22% annually and the AMS-IS is one of world’s leading internet exchanges and the largest in Europe in terms of number of peering networks (ASN’s). The Dutch colocation market is showing ongoing growth at 15% annually and our market is significantly larger than other European countries compared to our GDP. In addition, we have a strong presence in terms of domains and domain hosting.

Foundation of the digital economy

All of this makes the digital infrastructure the foundation for the digital economy which is already larger than many other sectors. According to CBS, the ‘core’ of the internet economy provides 345,000 jobs – more than many sectors like construction or transport – and shows substantial more growth than other sectors.

International impact

International digital companies that locate in the Netherlands bring substantial activities such as data centers, headquarters and other central functions with a significant amount of jobs. But the digital infrastructure provides also a clear opportunity for Dutch companies to deliver services internationally. Our country has been the breeding ground for successful companies but to sustain the growth and keep the first-mover position in digital infrastructure in the Netherlands, a combination of conditions needs ongoing attention such as talent, regulation, innovation and ecosystems.

Digital agenda

We can strengthen our competitive position in the international digital ecosystem by improving on a combination of conditions and firmly embedding the digital agenda in future public policies. Ensure for example sufficient availability of space and energy for future data centers. But also define digital agendas focusing on the opportunities arising from upcoming digital technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Drive continuous collaboration between public and private organizations to fuel the ecosystem and build trust and establish a closer link between our education system and the new digital economy to ensure that we have the right talent to further growth our digital economy and society.

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