Future of Connectivity


The future of connectivity

The potential value of 5G technology

Connectivity is the new currency of the digital economy. Organizations and individuals want actionable information delivered anytime, anywhere, and flowing through any number of platforms or devices. This has important implications for the future of connectivity—for the ecosystem of wired and wireless technologies, the suppliers of connectivity and the providers of devices and services that will provide a foundation for tomorrow’s digital economy.

5G Insights Blog Series

Is 5G the key to an efficient economy? In a post-pandemic world, the need for recovery and renewal will give the perfect opportunity for 5G to be the fuel that runs the future of connectivity. Naturally, the first step is to understand all the stakeholders involved and the role 5G plays in their situation, as well as the benefits that come with this new technology. Read more about it in our new 5G Insights Blog Series. 

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Global Advanced Wireless Survey

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Why 5G really matters

The latest generation of mobile technology - 5G - is going to change the world. But not in the ways you might think. Not withstanding the hype about remote surgery, autonomous vehicles, delivery drones and other high-profile applications, 5G’s biggest impact is set to be behind the scenes. Read more in our blog series about 5G.

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The future of connectivity

Technological savvy may not be enough to address the challenges of the future. And while speed matters, it's no substitute for knowing which direction you should be running in. Preparing for the future of connectivity requires an ability to understand where you are and where you want to go. Are you ready to discuss what it takes to unlock new value and excel within today’s rapidly evolving digital environment?

Learn more about the future of connectivity and read recent perspectives, insights and analysis on 5G Technology below. Deloitte can help you answer important questions about the role of connectivity in your organization's future. And we can help you act.

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MWC 2019: 5G is here… Is it?

5G was undoubtedly the central theme at Mobile World Congress and being talked about as generation’s big technological leap. Read our blog about 5G and watch our vlog from MWC 2019.

A quick take on the future of connectivity

What is the future of connectivity? There’s a dramatic acceleration currently under way. Consumers and businesses are showing an insatiable demand for access to information—and it’s growing as a host of new devices, new content, and new applications help fuel that demand. As the future of connectivity takes shape, organizations need to ask the right questions. Is your organization ready?

A quick take on the future of connectivity

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How much is spectrum worth?

Spectrum is at the core of wireless service providers’ business. But with 5G networks on the way, those providers—and investors—need to rethink how they value spectrum. Accurate valuation allows telecoms to make better-informed decisions about new technologies and improve their operational capabilities.

Spectrum portfolios in a 5G world

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Vlog MWC 2019: current status of 5G

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