Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2020: Dutch Edition


Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2020: Dutch Edition

Theme 5 “The digitally connected consumer: operators & device adoption” is now available. 

Deloitte’s annual Global Mobile Consumer Survey (GMCS) gives unique and detailed insights into mobile consumer trends on a global scale. Deloitte Netherlands is tailoring the research results specifically to the Dutch market, sharing key insights into mobile consumer behaviour of Dutch consumers.

The final theme has now launched!

This Dutch edition provides insights into topics such as consumer's perception towards personal data usage in the public and private domain, working from home and online behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic, attitudes towards 5G, smartphone and social media usage among consumers, device and operator adoption and more. 
This year’s GMCS dashboard provides insights through launching a series of five themes. The fifth theme is now available and focuses on customer-operator interaction, operators and device adoption. The full 2020 GMCS dashboard includes, but is not limited to, the answers to the following questions: 

  • Does the Dutch population think that the government should be able to monitor personal data during the COVID-19 pandemic?   
  • What (online) activities have people started doing more of during lockdown and which of these activities will they retain?  
  • To what extent is the Dutch working population experiencing difficulties while working from home and what difficulties are they facing?  
  • Are Dutch consumers willing to pay a premium for 5G and to what extent do they believe health risks are associated? 
  • How big of a role does the smartphone play in the daily lives of Dutch consumers? Are people still using their mobile phone while cycling or driving? 
  • Will physical mobile operator stores still have a part to play in the future? How do market share and customer loyalty vary across mobile operators? To what extent are connected devices adopted by the mass and serving the consumer’s hunger for both entertainment and convenience?

GMCS 2020 theme 5 is now available!

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Theme 5 | The digitally connected consumer: operators & device adoption

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