Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2018: the Dutch edition

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The Dutch edition of Deloitte’s Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2018 outlines the details around device ownership, connectivity, operator stores, mobile payments, smartphone usage and privacy.

Global Mobile Consumer Survey: Dutch edition now available

The 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey is now available. Deloitte’s annual study provides insights into mobile consumer trends on a global scale. Deloitte Netherlands tailors the research specifically to the Dutch market, giving you key insights into mobile consumer behavior of Dutch consumers.

Did Dutch consumers shift their priorities in this year’s 'Dutch Edition'? How intrusive has smartphone usage become in our daily lives? Are users worried about their privacy? The answers to these questions, and more, are included in the 2018 Global Mobile Consumer Survey report. 

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Global Mobile Consumer Survey: Dutch edition

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The 2018 GMCS video is now live! Watch it here.

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