Watch our vlogs to see what happens at Mobile World Congress


Watch our vlogs to see what happens at Mobile World Congress

The latest trends in telecom from MWC 2017 in Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the world’s largest annual mobile event, where all mobile (and related) industry’s foremost players meet and share their latest developments, insights and launch new products. It offers a great opportunity to find out what’s hot and new in the world of mobile, VR and Internet.

Every year there is a lot going on at MWC in Barcelona: most of the mobile phone handset manufacturers either launch or announce their newest handsets and give the world a hands on experience of new products. Beside new product introduces, the MWC is a very important event for the industry to share the latest developments on new technologies and standards.

Deloitte presence at Mobile World Congress

Deloitte is visiting every year’s MWC to meet its clients and partners, share its latest market insights and gather all that there is to know. In order to bring you all that there is to know, we’ll bring you a vlog-series in which we’ll share with you an impression and some key highlights of this year’s event.

Deloitters Patrick Steemers, Marc Beijn, Dirk Reuser and Remco Gaykema will share the latest trends and developments through vlogs. Stay tuned: the first one will be published soon.

MWC 2017 Vlog #4

MWC 2017 Vlog #3

MWC 2017 Vlog #2

MWC 2017 Vlog #1

More information about Mobile World Congress?

Do you want to know more about Mobile World Congress or the telecom industry? Please contact Patrick Steemers or Marc Beijn through the contact details below.

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