TMT Predictions 2019


TMT Predictions 2019

What does the future hold for technology, media, and telecommunications?

Deloitte predicts that smart speakers will be the fastest-growing connected device worldwide in 2019. Also, companies will accelerate their usage of cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) software and services. Along with eight additional predictions, this year's TMT Predictions describe a landscape of continuity amidst rapid change.

TMT Predictions 2019

The theme of this year's TMT Predictions is one of continuity – an evolution rather than stasis. Smart speakers, 5G networks, and cloud-based AI are said to increase connectivity and the potential for innovation. While quantum computers are set to be the next supercomputers – but not the next laptops. Deloitte's TMT Predictions provide insight into the top trends and transformative technologies that will impact the way we live and work over the next one to five years.

Deloitte makes ten predictions that will shake up the TMT industry. Organisations should understand and account for these changes as they evolve. Read all predictions by downloading the TMT Predictions report.


TMT Predictions 2019

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Smart speakers: Growth at a discount

Smart speakers have rocketed onto the scene as one of the fastest-adopted new devices in history. For the smart speaker market to continue growing beyond 2020, the device should have multiple applications beyond just playing music or speaking a weather forecast. It needs to become more useful, more often. It is probable that, over time, people will end up talking to speakers (and other machines) much more than they do today. Voice may never become the dominant user interface with technology, but it is very likely to become a core one. While voice recognition can be challenging, the long-term benefits are significant.

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Artificial intelligence (AI): From expert-only to everywhere

The market is changing rapidly, and new capabilities are emerging. Even the most advanced techniques are becoming accessible to organizations with modest in-house AI skills. While enterprise software and cloud-based development platforms can provide effective gateways to AI, they are not a substitute for having at least some technical AI talent in-house. Companies need their own AI experts to develop and customize algorithms using AI development platforms. These experts also can help ensure that companies invest in AI applications and services that address business needs - ensuring they’re not just building models more efficiently, but also efficiently building effective models.

eSports and the shape of media in 2019

The eSports phenomenon is large and growing. It offers traditional broadcasters an opportunity to access a young demographic of digital natives who are less engaged with TV and professional sports than previous generations. When making forays into eSports, broadcast companies should consider how they can minimize production costs to enable more lightweight experimentation and reduce risk exposure. By trying more things more quickly, they can better learn what works and what doesn’t. For better or for worse, media entertainment is becoming a participatory social experience, less something one consumes and more that something one does. It appears to be time for traditional media companies to get on board with getting online.

Quantum computers: The next supercomputers, but not the next laptops.

Organizations and governments can take steps now to help capitalize upon –and protect themselves in– a quantum-computing world. Although most CIOs will not be submitting budgets with line items for quantum computing in the next two years – that doesn’t mean leaders should ignore this field. Quantum-computing is advancing rapidly, and because its impact is likely to be large, business and technology strategists should keep an eye on it starting now. Large-scale investments will not make sense for most companies for some time. But investments in internal training, R&D partnerships, and strategic planning for a quantum world may pay dividends.

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