A growth path towards enterprise Agility


A growth path towards enterprise Agility

From doing to being Agile

Research shows that embedding four significant changes can accelerate the Agile transformation at your organisation. Download our whitepaper to get started.

The growth path towards enterprise Agility provides guidance on how to embed these four eventually inevitable changes in your organisation. Insights from large-scale Agile transformations and scientific research form the content of the growth path which can help your organisation evolve from doing to being Agile.

Cultural changes: management and organisational style

Establish coherent support by servant leadership

The first step towards enterprise Agility is to establish coherent leadership support and to retrieve the means that are necessary to implement Agile concepts. Coherent support should be carried out by servant leaders: a leader that is highly visible, a master of communication, motivational, encouraging innovation, and is in favour of trial and error. 

Create a culture that empowers people

Empowered people are inseparable linked with servant leaders as one can not thrive without the other one. Nonetheless, also searching for people with an Agile mindset, training people to be empowered and supporting them in their personal Agile journey, will improve the success of an Agile transformation. 

A growth path towards enterprise Agility

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Structural changes

Reorganise towards an organic organisational design

Old settings in which organisations try to establish Agility, such as hierarchy of authority, centralised knowledge and formal communication, can not coexist with Agile principles. Organisations that pursue enterprise Agility should strive for new, organic settings such as: less adherence to authority, decentralized knowledge and a high degree of flexibility and coordination.

Strategic changes

Implement an evolutionary strategy

Organisations often hold on to their formal, rational and top down strategy, with focus on explicit conception of goals. However, an Agile minded strategy should be focused on the external environment by experimenting with new ideas instead of outguessing the market. In this context, top management is not the sole driver of the strategy. 

The growth path towards enterprise Agility

Our whitepaper provides more in-depth insights and best practices on the growth path towards enterprise Agility. Download the whitepaper, assess your organisation, and find out which inevitable change you will face next.

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