Survival of the most adaptable   

The Dutch Digital DNA Demystified Report is now available

Rapid technological advancement is pushing businesses to respond to waves of new digital technologies that they cannot predict, let alone influence. The disruptive nature of these technologies will not go away for the coming 20 years, which means that companies must develop a robust capability to sense digital disruption and deal with the threats and opportunities that arise. Only by turning disruption to their advantage can companies stay ahead.

Digital DNA

When we started contemplating organising the first ever Digital DNA Summit, early 2017, we were inspired to practise what we preach and use the vast and already available global dataset of our joint MIT SMR/ Deloitte research on digital maturity. We set out to search for some specific Dutch insights, seen that it struck us that the Netherlands seemed to be on a steadily evolving maturity trajectory.

This report is the summary of what we found: Dutch Digital DNA Demystified.

Please download the report via the link on the right, and find out which Digital DNA traits from another successful digital strategy you should consider recombining with, copying, bypassing, or – if needed – stealing. Survival of the most adaptable – the conscious configuration of your Digital DNA will determine your future as an organisation.

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