How CIO’s deliver value


How CIO’s deliver value

Global CIO survey 2015

Results of the CIO survey of over more than 1200 technology leaders across 43 countries indicate that there is no significant differences across industries, geographies and company size in how CIOs deliver value. Instead we discovered that CIOs deliver value by adopting one of three behavior patterns: trusted operator (42%), change instigator (22%) or business co-creator (35%).

Creating CIO Legacy

The CIO analyses has yielded important insights about how CIOs operate within the leadership ecosystem of the organization they serve. CIOs are focused on understanding how they are creating impact and value today- and where their value propositions is headed in the future.

Four elements for CIO legacy

Leaving a legacy is associated with the past or the end. But legacies are not defined at the end of the road, rather shaped by how leaders deal with the experiences, decisions, and challenges they face throughout the many phases of their career. This study shows how the four framing elements – business priorities; leadership and talent; relationships and technology investment - shape the context in which CIOs deliver value today- and tomorrow.

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2015 CIO survey: UK edition
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