Predictive Project Analytics


Predictive Project Analytics

An unrivaled predictive project analytics suite

This article introduces the new Predictive Project Analytics brochure that explains the added value of using predictive project analytics to increase your project success by assessing its complexity and putting in place the right controls.

Do you experience difficulties in managing your projects within time and budget, and to meet stakeholder expectations? Are your projects easily getting on a side-track? Many organizations struggle to transform their business successfully. They have difficulty gaining true insight into the complexity, risk and value of their most critical projects. Deloitte’s Predictive Project Analytics (PPA) project risk capability answers the question: Will my project be successful? And if not, what do I need to do to safeguard project delivery success?

What is Predictive Project Analytics?

PPA is a comprehensive set of tools to help guide your project toward success. Included are five solutions designed with objectivity in mind, helping you make the right decisions all the way through the project lifecycle. PPA is known as a unique project risk capability based on data collected on 2000+ delivered projects, translated into an algorithm, allowing insightful analysis. This unique solution is validated in partnership with academics and refined every year through thorough statistical analysis. Now in its second generation, Predictive Project Analytics boasts an expanded range of services which allows project managers to predict, manage and mitigate risk in a timely manner, before failure becomes the only option.

The PPA capability has already proven to be helpful to fill in your project management needs by minimizing financial, productivity, and reputation loss and to increase the probability of success. It is often used in environments in which project success is critical and where senior stakeholders need to know that every reasonable action is taken to safeguard success. PPA has been applied on numerous projects across the globe and across all industries.

How can Predictive Project Analytics help you?

Predictive Project Analytics can help you in gaining insight in what aspects influence the complexity of your project most, but more importantly how you can cope with this complexity. Because of this, you will be enabled to implement the right controls for your project and with that to improve your project success.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunities that PPA provides, please read the in-depth explanation of PPA in our brochure. Within this brochure you can find out all about the PPA approach, possibilities and examples of outcomes.

Predictive Project Analytics
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