The robots are ready, are you?


The robots are ready, are you? 

The 3rd annual Global Robotics Survey 

This report builds on our previous research on robotics. The 2017 global robotics survey attracted over 400 responses and its findings demonstrate clearly that robots are here and they are here to stay.

Robotics could lead to a vast cost reduction for your organisation

Current state of robotics adoption

Continuous improvement and automation remain top of the strategic agenda: 53% of the respondents have already embarked on the RPA journey and a further 19% of respondents plan to adopt RPA in the next two years. If adoption continues at its current level, RPA will have achieved near-universal adoption within the next five years.

Robotic Process Automation Report 2017

Adoption of robotic process automation is still increasing

RPA is increasingly becoming an enterprise-level opportunity: for 64% of respondents on the RPA journey, it is a strategic or enterprise-wide initiative. This figure has grown significantly. Just 12 months ago, only 15% of respondents reported RPA being a part of a wider corporate initiative. Many organisations that started with function-specific RPA initiatives have grown or consolidated these to take advantage of the broader opportunity across the business.

Robotics already replaces 20% of FTE capacity

Since this is Deloitte’s third annual Robotics research in a row, some comparative material emerges. We are starting to see advancements, which seem exceptionally promising. As discussed above, the adoption rate is rather auspicious and still increasing. This diligent ambition to implement RPA, however, is not without reason as it appears to be that RPA already replaces 20% of FTE capacity at organisations that implemented it.

Learn the pros and cons of robotics

Want to find out more about RPA, its benefits, disappointments and challenges? Download the report, which is also applicable to the Netherland, below.

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