Accelerating your Agile transformation

The Agile capabilities of Deloitte

Deloitte Consulting has delivered Agile transformations at the enterprise level in all industries and market conditions across the globe. Deloitte excels at helping you to redefine your strategic vision and purpose. Our Deloitte Agile experts enable you to establish the tone and speed of your Agile transformation.

Speed in the Digital Era: Enterprise Agile

In the Digital Era, consumer preferences and technology change at a rapid pace. Many organizations facing 'digital first' competitors are often slow to respond. They are repeatedly hampered by inflexible organizational structures and insufficient alignment between business and IT. Applying Agile at a program and enterprise level provides a solution: reintroducing speed, flexibility, customer focus and continuous improvement to the core of your organization. According to Gartner’s annual CIO survey1: in 2017 68% of organizations are scaling Agile to the enterprise level.

But doing so can be hard. Internal culture, legacy applications and insufficient Agile practice consistency can provide a serious challenge to organizations and their ability to transform their operations to an Agile way of working. To senior leadership the challenge to unleash the power and speed of their own enterprise can feel like a painful endeavour where true business impact remains elusive.

1 Gartner, June 2017: Survey Analysis: Agile Now at the Tipping Point — Here's How to Succeed

How Deloitte can help

No matter how complex your business challenges, Deloitte has the capabilities and experience to help you move forward. As the world’s largest consulting firm, we can help you take decisive action and achieve sustainable results. Deloitte has been helping organizations transform by optimizing their use of Agile principles and practices to drive results and increase their enterprise Agility. Deloitte can accelerate your Agile transformation and help you drive true business impact. Our services can include:

  • Design, manage and improve the behavioural and organizational transformation of Agile at all levels based on proven-concepts and insights from our global frontrunner cases;
  • Implement DevOps practices and help organizations deal with hybrid situations and legacy architecture;
  • Advice, design, implement and benchmark your practice maturity and readiness for Agile;
  • Training and coaching at the team, program management and executive leadership level;
  • Support and augment transformation organizations to accelerate, sustain and report their business impact.

Our proven approach

Executing an enterprise level transformation requires a holistic approach that accounts for all aspects of an operating model. Deloitte has an established and proven transformation approach that utilizes all current enterprise Agile frameworks to guide clients through their Agile and DevOps journeys. We optimize the people, processes, tools and architecture needed to take clients from future vision - to adoption - and ultimately to scale. The learnings and insights we share with you are based on successful Agile transformations at clients across the globe, from digital first start-ups in the fintech industry to enterprise scaled Agile transformations at global blue-chip brands.

Our view

Scaling your Agile capabilities should be all about business impact. Introducing principles and practices that support cooperation and coordination of many Agile teams (or multiple value streams) should immediately and greatly increase their business impact. They should not feel like slowing it down. This is achieved by introducing and tailoring an Agile portfolio- and benefits management, using relevant Agile enterprise frameworks like Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) or Large Scale Scrum (LeSS). This may seem hard, but connecting principles to practice, transitioning to DevOps and enabling leadership to drive progress is something that we at Deloitte do every day.  

Our services

We have delivered all recognized transformational capabilities and services in program and enterprise level across the globe. Our leading Agile experts in Deloitte excel because:

  • We design, review and deliver Agile transformations; provide quality assurance or augment Agile programs; or set-up Agile enterprise ventures
  • We tailor Agile to your industry and organizational context, building on all recognized international frameworks such as SAFe, LeSS, Spotify and Nexus
  • We align Agile teams and programs with existing enterprise governance and leadership, connecting or introducing project-, program- and portfolio management
  • We introduce and improve DevOps and Continuous Improvement practices to help you improve software and product quality, reduce time to market and minimize bottom line impact
  • We measure and benchmark your Agile awareness, readiness and maturity to drive continuous improvement in your Agile journey
  • We train and coach teams, (program) management and executive leadership in basic, advanced, certified and executive Agile learnings
  • We set-up Agile Centres of Excellence that provide a flexible and future proof organization driving your Agile transformation forward, and
  • We set-up proven Agile tools and practices that improve methodological consistency and we facilitate cooperation  

Our Capability Framework

Our Dutch practice

Our Dutch practice of 60 Enterprise Agile experts and 250 Agile consultants is a global frontrunner in providing Agile transformation at the program and enterprise level. Our Dutch practice has driven transformations in all major industries: having delivered at global banks and retailers, government, digital new-ventures and more. As our experts gain insights, we share them with our clients to ensure continuous improvement in their Agile capabilities. The quality of our work and the positive impact that we make is our foremost priority in committing to your goals. Simply put, we deliver Agile excellence.

Our unique methods & tools

Leveraging world-class methodology, Deloitte organizes executive ownership and alignment, actively engaging them in driving change. Using proven transformation roadmaps, charting your journey to your future stays in your control. By co-designing the Agile Target Operating Model, integrating supporting functions and connecting business impact drivers to your Strategic Agile Portfolio Deloitte will help you accelerate innovation and deliver your business transformation.

Our methods are easy and cost-effective to use, a sample:

  • Leverage our Agile Lab to design your transformation and align your team in one day
  • Play our Agile Portfolio Management Game and experience the impact of Agile at an enterprise scale
  • Use our Agile Maturity Scan to identify your awareness and how to proceed
  • Benefit from our global Agile Transformation Approach to design your transformation and avoid common pitfalls
  • Drive your teams using our Agile Culture Interventions and High Performing Teams Approach

Working with Deloitte means augmenting your team with the knowledge of our 250.000 colleagues worldwide. Deloitte is a partner committed to your results, your agenda and helps you design and execute your strategic vision. We make an impact that matters.


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