Cognitive Engagement

AI solutions for improved customer experiences and efficient operations

Due to rise of mobile the way we interact with each other and with organizations is changing. Communication increasingly happens instantaneous and direct. This changes customer expectations and organizations are facing challenges in meeting these expectations. Deloitte’s Cognitive Engagement team supports organizations in overcoming this challenge and building a future proof customer engagement.

A new paradigm

Technology is changing the way we interact with each other and with organizations. Communication happens increasingly instantaneous and direct. This changes customer expectations: no longer are they willing to wait weeks, days, hours or even minutes for an employee to help them. Customers need their problem fixed and they need it fixed now. This puts pressure on customer care centers resulting in high turnover rates, increasing operating costs and long waiting queues for customers.

New technologies can help cope with this pressure and are rapidly advancing. Artificially intelligent digital service agents that apply Natural Language Processing and other techniques are able to autonomously solve customer requests in a human-like conversation. The result is twofold; increased operational efficiency and an improved customer experience.

Rise of the Chatbot

Why Deloitte Digital

Deloitte can help you use the newest conversational technologies, such as chatbots, to your advantage. Our services help you advance customer- and design-centric thinking throughout your organization, from strategy through execution. Deloitte Digital combines Deloitte’s globally recognized strength in business transformation and technology implementation with the capabilities of a world-class digital agency.

How we help our clients

We can support your organization across the digital lifecycle — from working to define a bold digital strategy to designing and building your multichannel conversational solution, both text and voice based — using agile methods that move quickly from digital concept to digital reality.


Theo Slaats

Theo Slaats


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Hugo van den Berg

Hugo van den Berg


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