Advanced Analytics

The power of data is in its interpretation. We work with organisations across virtually every industry, in critical parts of their business, to empower data through analytics. Analytics is about applying machine learning, predictive modelling, statistics, and advanced visualisation to data sets with techniques such as predictive modelling, machine learning, and text mining in order to gain actionable insights. Analytics supports decision making in the business domains of customer, supply chain, finance, workforce, and risk. With Analytics Labs, we facilitate analytics strategy workshops, art-of-the-possible inspiration sessions, and brainstorm sessions powered by the principles of design thinking, using Deloitte’s Greenhouse/HIVE locations. Our Advanced Analytics offerings encompass: • Advanced Visualisation and Rapid Prototypes • Natural Language Processing & Text Analytics • Content Analytics & Predictive Content Delivery • Real-time Decisioning & Streaming • Machine Learning Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics For advanced analytics, we use technologies such as R, SAS, IBM Modeller and Watson, Python and Fluxicon Disco, amongst many others.

Your Challenge

How do you identify segments in your customer base? Which customers are most likely to churn? How do you predict future demands for your products or services? How do you optimize your supply chain? Most organizations have started collecting and visualizing data about their organization, but are unable to answer the questions above. Valuable insights are hidden in the data, but it is challenging to uncover more than what is visible at first glance?

Why Deloitte

Deloitte Advanced Analytics service goes beyond the traditional bunsiness intelligence reporting. We combine internal with external data and take data analysis to the next level to create an even deeper understanding. Deloitte employs state-of-the-art techniques to gain insights from large volumes of data. By aligning analysis with your business goals, Deloitte makes sure to unlock insights that are actionable and take your organisation further.

Our Solution

Using advanced analytics can give organization a competive domains:

  • Customer analytics provides a deeper understanding of the customers and customer segments. Early signals of customer defection can be detected and up-sell and cross-sell opportunites can be discovered.
  • Supply Chain analytics sheds light on your supply chain, for instance by forecasting demands or optimizing logistics. 
  • Finance analytics identifies drivers of costs and revenues.
  • Workforce analytics can help to predict and improve workforce performance.


Stefan van Duin

Stefan van Duin


Ik ben sinds bijna 20 jaar werkzaam op het gebied van Business Intelligence en Data Analytics. Ik vind mijn passie in het vinden van antwoorden in grote datasets, door het toepassen van wiskundige alg... Meer

Jorg Schalekamp

Jorg Schalekamp


Jorg is a Partner within Deloitte Consulting. He has over 17 years of experience in advising clients on how to leverage the value of Data, Analytics, Digital and IT and has extensive experience in man... Meer

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