Application Architecture

Assisting clients with application architecture design, assessment and optimization including definition, documentation and implementation of new application architectures; review and evaluation of key attributes of existing application architectures and, recommendation and validation of improvements to existing Application Architectures.

Your Challenge

Our clients need to balance investments for regulatory compliance, innovation and keeping the lights on. Constraints in resources require prioritization of all the categories of requests. It is not easy to balance between radical innovation and extending the life of obsolete and legacy applications.

Modification of as-is application architectures into future-proof target and reference architectures is a major challenge. For example in combining latest technology insights such as Cloud and IoT, market & client developments and vendor solutions into a practical application blueprint and transition architecture.

Why Deloitte

Being at the heart of industry developments and having global partnerships with most major technology vendors, Deloitte can ensure key insights into your application landscape. Moreover, by taking into account requirements around security, agility and reliability - on top of industry specific functional requirements - Deloitte provides a sound application architecture for your organization.

Our detailed industry and vendor knowledge can also be utilized when detailing critical use cases for clients and industries, and provide an objective viewpoint on vendor proposals.

Our Solution

The client will receive valuable insights in the area of:

  • Potential investment options, including ‘the why’ and trends.
  • Key bottlenecks in existing application architecture, i.e. security gaps, cost-inefficiencies, lack of agility, legacy functionality.
  • Opportunities for future application landscape choices, i.e. (cloud) solutions that provide secure, reliable, cost-efficient and rich benefits.
  • A transition


Eric Onderdelinden

Eric Onderdelinden


Eric Onderdelinden is a very experienced enterprise architect and leader of the Enterprise Architecture service line within the Netherlands. He specializes in the field of organizational and financial... Meer

Niels de Vrij

Niels de Vrij


Niels is Enterprise Architecture team lead with Technology Advisory practice of Deloitte. He has more than 10 years of experience in consulting with specialization in enterprise and solution architect... Meer

Cem Eser

Cem Eser

Senior Manager

I am responsible for the sub service line Deloitte Digital Engineering where the digitization issues of the business are translated into viable practical solutions that satisfy our clients. Besides my... Meer