CIO & Executive program


CIO & Executive Program

The role of the CIO is evolving at pace with the ever-growing demands on the IT function. This new breed of CIO doesn’t simply implement technology, but rather transforms the business through technology.

Deloitte’s CIO & Executive Program helps senior IT leaders get ahead — and stay ahead — of the challenges and changes in business, the IT function, and their executive roles. Through market-leading insights into technology trends and CIO benchmarking studies, through professional development programs and labs, and through peer-to-peer executive networking, we keep CIOs informed and prepared to meet today’s demands and move ahead with confidence.

Deloitte Tech Trends 2016: Innovating in the digital era

The digital era is shaped by disruptive innovation with new technologies. Each year, Deloitte identifies the trends that are most likely to disrupt businesses in the next two years. This 7th edition focuses on virtual reality, the Internet of Things, block chain, platforms, socially responsible applications of technology and more. Explore these trends and view the full report PDF.

executive management program

How CIO’s deliver value

Results of the CIO survey of over more than 1200 technology leaders across 43 countries indicate that there is no significant differences across industries, geographies and company size in how CIOs deliver value. Instead we discovered that CIOs deliver value by adopting one of three behavior patterns: trusted operator (42%), change instigator (22%) or business co-creator (35%).

Finding and binding high tech talent

One of the challenges facing the high tech industry is the availability of highly qualified talent. The industry requires flexible and agile people with deep intellectual curiosity. The question is, how does the industry find and bind these people? They must offer them the latest and the greatest.


Andries van Dijk

Andries van Dijk


Dr. Andries van Dijk is director technology strategy in Deloitte Consulting, and technology research & insights Lead in the Netherlands. His special interest is in emerging digital technologies and th... Meer