Cloud and Infrastructure

Cloud architectures and advances in underlying technology platforms are having a profound impact on our clients’ data centres and networks both in structure and contents. TS&A provides a full range of services to help clients identify trends, refresh their architectures and design new delivery models using cloud and other 3rd parties. We also help to optimize our clients’ data centres given the options to build or buy, and the need for cost effective and secure services. In the area of cloud services, Deloitte assists clients in selecting their cloud provider, designing the cloud operating model, rationalizing applications and data to be transitioned to the cloud, and program management of the actual transition.

Your Challenge

Understanding the changes to an organization that follow from a technological disruption as strong as cloud, is a major challenge for our clients. Not only in making sure that throughout the organization ‘what it means’ is understood thoroughly, but also overseeing consequences to governance of build and change, or responsibilities towards clients and contractors. Also questions on budgeting, costing and recharging – the illusion of cost transparency – are hot topic, not to forget the major impact it has on technological infrastructure.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte provides insight into the landscape of (hybrid) providers and SLA-complexities, and understands the fears of (lack of) ownership. We have extensive experience in multi-provider challenges, both on-premise and on cloud, that can make your transition more easy. We bring provider independent viewpoints specific for your industry.

Our Solution

The client will receive valuable insights in the area of:

  • Proven patterns in developing both on-premise and cloud architectures, and the combination of both
  • A clear vision on exit-strategy and data ownership-angst
  • Opportunities for target architecture choices, i.e. (cloud) solutions that provide secure, reliable, cost-efficient and rich benefits.
  • A transition path for realization that spans business process, data, application, and infra.


Michiel Peters

Michiel Peters


Michiel Peters is Partner bij Deloitte Consulting en richt zich op de Telecom, Media en Technologie sectoren. Michiel heeft 16 jaar ervaring met een breed scala aan projecten voor telecom, kabel en in... Meer

Eric Onderdelinden

Eric Onderdelinden


Eric Onderdelinden is a very experienced enterprise architect and leader of the Enterprise Architecture service line within the Netherlands. He specializes in the field of organizational and financial... Meer