Cognitive insight generation often involve complex algorithms which require a deep understanding of the client's business and industry, through segmentation, 360 profile, personalised engagement, predictive analytics, pattern recognition etc. We extract concepts and relationships from various data streams, text sources, and social media to generate new insights and find near real-time answers hidden within a mass of information through cognitive analysis and correlation. Deloitte unlocks the potential to reshape businesses and entire industries with Cognitive computing. It brings together a host of emerging capabilities to emulate and augment the strength of the human brain. Cognitive automation involves augmenting human intelligence to automate complex knowledge and decision making business processes by “cognitising” high cost, specialist labour-intensive, and repetitive tasks. This enables employees to improve the quality, accuracy, and timeliness of service by seamlessly scanning large amounts of data for answers. Using cognitive sensing and shaping, we are able to sense data streams, news feeds, and social media to perform intelligent strategy shaping based on Deloitte’s “10 Types of Innovation” framework, as well as identify disruptive trends before they happen by delivering relevant insights to the user based on the continuous, real-time analysis of data. Our Cognitive offering encompass: • Cognitive Engagement • Cognitive Automation • Cognitive Sensing & Shaping • Cognitive Insights

Your Challenge

Most of the world’s digital data is unstructured—emails and videos, images, plus the vast array of information available on the Internet, such as social media posts and academic articles. Humans are good at processing this type of information, but it is labour intensive. The increasing wealth of digital information is potentially very useful for organizations, for instance in assessing customer perception by reading twitter messages, but organizations lack the human resources to scan and harness all the insights from the data. Coping and making sense of all of these emails, images and twitter messages is very challanging.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte's Cognitive Analytics services helps organizations processing massive amounts of unstructured data —text documents, images, emails, social posts, and more— similar the way humans do, in an inhumanly fast pace.

Cognitive analytics can be used to recognize objects or faces in images or to perform sentiment analysis of social media posts, among other applications.

Our Solution

Benefits of Cognitive Analytics services are:

  • Mine untapped data sources for useful insights.
  • Provide personalized services: provide highly personalized service
    based on what data says about their individual preferences and history.
  • Improve service consistency and quality: Humans often come to different conclusions based upon the same information.

cognitive analytics can help reduce subjectivity in decision-making—and do it faster—by tracing how decisions are made and measuring the resulting outcomes, allowing leading practices to be shared across the organization.

Enhance knowledge sharing: Cognitive analytics can be used to amplify knowledge sharing, providing fast
access to highly relevant answers and insights on demand.


Naser Bakhshi

Naser Bakhshi

Senior Manager

I work as Senior Manager Analytics in the Deloitte Dutch Analytics service line. In the world of ever-growing data and continues new technological advances, my goal is to bring to bring the best, the ... Meer

Stefan van Duin

Stefan van Duin


Ik ben sinds bijna 20 jaar werkzaam op het gebied van Business Intelligence en Data Analytics. Ik vind mijn passie in het vinden van antwoorden in grote datasets, door het toepassen van wiskundige alg... Meer

Jorg Schalekamp

Jorg Schalekamp


Jorg is a Partner within Deloitte Consulting. He has over 17 years of experience in advising clients on how to leverage the value of Data, Analytics, Digital and IT and has extensive experience in man... Meer