Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Given the rapid changes in technology and the businesses move towards digital operating models, IT organizations are thinking about their architecture needs in innovative new ways. Deloitte’s Enterprise and Solution Architecture professionals help clients refresh their enterprise architectures to support the new business direction, and leverage advances in technology areas such as cloud, mobile, digital, and analytics. We extend these services with solution architectures that support integrated solutions that perform well, are secure and can scale with the business. TS&A also has deep experience assisting organizations in setting up the Architecture functions including design of the function, definition of the architecture process and deliverables, and governance.

Your Challenge

Our clients are faced with disruptions in both technology and industry such as mobile and cloud, continually changing the operating model of business and IT. Desired is the capability to transform such disruptions into actionable, future proof organization blueprints covering governance, process, data, applications and infrastructure. Modification of an enterprise, and subsequent solution architectures based on the new needs, is a major challenge.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte provides the core transformation capabilities including Blueprint & Roadmap design, a Program Design Authority and Agile Architecture to ensure a safe transition as envisioned in your (IT) strategy.

Also, Deloitte provides the EA Capability development that ensures your architecture and design organization is ready. Finally, Deloitte brings in specific Architecture Point of Views on a range of disruptive items like IoT, Cloud, Robotics and security, which are key in defining your target architectures.

Our Solution

The client will receive valuable insights in the area of:

  • Key bottlenecks in existing enterprise & solution architecture, i.e. security gaps, cost-inefficiencies, lack of agility, legacy functionality and ownership challenges.
  • Opportunities for target architecture choices, i.e. (cloud) solutions that provide secure, reliable, cost-efficient and rich benefits.
  • A transition path for realization that spans business process, data, application, and infra.


Eric Onderdelinden

Eric Onderdelinden


Eric Onderdelinden is a very experienced enterprise architect and leader of the Enterprise Architecture service line within the Netherlands. He specializes in the field of organizational and financial... Meer

Niels de Vrij

Niels de Vrij


Niels is Enterprise Architecture team lead with Technology Advisory practice of Deloitte. He has more than 10 years of experience in consulting with specialization in enterprise and solution architect... Meer