Oracle Cloud

Oracle cloud applications provide a path to greater business agility, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced productivity, more efficient operations, better talent retention—and generally, the ability to achieve more, faster and with less resources.

Your Challenge

Chances are you’re taking your organization somewhere it’s never been before. Why? Because business destinations have changed. The customer is now king where the product once reigned—and flexible, open and collaborative now trump rigid, proprietary, and competitive. The technology landscape has also shifted, being reborn in the shape of “the cloud.” In this rapidly changing environment, the only thing for certain is that your organization can’t sit still. It has to get there, even if it’s not clear how.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte’s approach to Oracle Cloud enabled Finance Transformations is unique in its holistic view of the organisation and our realisation of the varied objectives and challenges to the Finance function. It is about helping the CFO with their journey towards developing a world-class finance function with the support of Oracle Cloud products.

For many organisations, finance transformation programmes are the best way to achieve their strategic objectives. Deloitte’s Oracle Cloud implementation services are designed to support Finance Transformation programmes by focussing on the key value drivers within the finance function: people, process, organisation and technology

Our Solution

Having continuously invested in cloud training and tools over several years—even before the cloud was cool—Deloitte is distinguished in its ability to help companies realize Oracle cloud-driven business value.

Through this experience, our teams have developed a vast library of industry-specific solutions and tools, including Deloitte SolutionPrintsTM. Based upon Deloitte’s Enterprise Value Delivery (EVD) for Oracle methodology, these cloud implementation accelerators address all three aspects of a business transformation—people, process and technology—so that companies can realize value more quickly from Oracle cloud enablement, without having to start from scratch.

Each SolutionPrint contains a pre-configured Oracle cloud environment that incorporates industry-leading business process flows, and if applicable, pre-built integrations to on-premise solutions. It also features documentation and tools to accelerate the solution design, manage risk and quality, and promote faster user adoption.


Ad de Kievit

Ad de Kievit


Ik ben sinds 2008 werkzaam bij Deloitte en focus mij op door ERP-ondersteunde Business Transformaties. Daarnaast ben ik binnen Deloitte de Oracle Cloud Lead en vanuit die rol ook betrokken geweest bij... Meer

Eric Vennix

Eric Vennix

Industry Leader North West Europe

Eric focusses on the Energy & Resources industry and has extensive experience in the Shipping and Maritime cluster. He helps clients with business process transformation, driving value through organiz... Meer