Oracle Customer Transformation


Oracle Customer Transformation

Clients are looking to deliver consistent, personalized customer experiences and Oracle's sales, service, social, marketing, commerce, CPQ and analytics products can connect every customer engagement with our client’s brands.

Your Challenge

Chasing the right leads and expanding your customers wallet share by cross- and upselling, requires a single voice towards the customer from you and your partners. Your customers expects you to know who they are and what they want, and they want it now! They don't care if they ask you or your partner for a quote but it should be consistent and ready to order from any place, any device at any time.

Why Deloitte

Deloitte offers a solution that supports you in meeting your challenges. By combining our industry knowledge, agile implementation methodology and a preconfigured/predefined implementation accelerators we’re able to quickly deliver results that will help your sales force to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

Deloitte offers a solution that is ready to take you on the journey towards a true digital (sales) organization that exceeds customer expectations and improves sales focus and success. We will deliver the true potential of your Sales Cloud, complementing with Deloitte’s own innovation initiatives for our industry such as customer analytics, true customer 360 overviews and robotics.


Roeland Koldenhof

Roeland Koldenhof


Roeland has 8 years of experience in CRM/CX consulting and delivery management. He has worked for companies within different industries: Retail, public sector (national level), Financial services (Ins... Meer

Arthur Spruyt

Arthur Spruyt

Senior Manager

Ik ben een ervaren projectleider in de Oracle Solutions service lijn van Deloitte. Ik begeleid internationale programma’s waarin meerdere CX producten zijn geïmplementeerd. Mijn passie is motorrijden,... Meer

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