Program Management

From major capital projects and transformations to strategic initiatives of all types and complexity , Deloitte’s Project Management Office (PMO) services can help you control and monitor variables throughout a project’s life cycle to keep it on track and delivering against its objectives. PMOs are particularly helpful in large system integration projects and in supporting technology transformation. Our PMO services also help improve project dynamism, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Deloitte’s PMO services encompass: • Methodologies and standards development • Processes and mechanisms for risk management, demand management, counselling, and decision support • Change management • Management of service level agreements

Your Challenge

PMOs in all organisations are challenged by trends that change the way in which programmes and projects are executed: globalization and offshoring, digitalization and agility. Often clients do not have the solid knowledge of existing and developing programme and project management to respond to these challenges and to align their PMOs according to their specific business needs.

Why Deloitte

Programme Leadership ensures a controlled and structured delivery of business transformations using the following propositions:

  • Programme Portfolio Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Programme Delivery
  • iPMO

and by deploying the following Service Offerings:

  • Predictive Project Analytics
  • Enterprise Agile PM Services
  • PMO Next Generation Solutions

Our solution

Programme Leadership helps clients to align their PMO with their business strategy and ensures a capable, mature PMO. Either in setting up a strategic PMO, transform PMO's, training PMO team members, driving programmes to get the results needed and help PMO's to be more flexible and agile. From a predictive project analysis to a full size programme management, Programme Leadership has the knowledge to lead transformations.