Since 1989, Deloitte’s Global SAP practice has delivered award-winning levels of service to help global organizations achieve business success. We offer a complete range of implementation, integration, and alignment services — from business case development and system design to configuration, testing, deployment, and post-implementation support — using an array of replicable, HANA-based (on-premises or cloud-based) preconfigured solutions. We believe that SAP implementations are not only about technology but are also opportunities to transform your business. It’s a chance to streamline as well as increase organizational efficiencies and effectiveness. The latest enablers of SAP (now S4HANA) allow for real-time data access and analytics, making process changes and totally new processes possible. Whether simplifying finance functions, providing the ERP foundation to fully support business requirements, or supporting growth by upgrading, synchronizing, and harmonizing SAP systems and processes, we can help you achieve your anticipated benefits in a risk-mitigated way.

Our solution

  • Our global alliance with SAP to co-innovate continues to result in leading practices that are built in to solutions, unique perspectives on SAP capabilities, and extended access to SAP.
  • We have a well-developed global practice with over 13,000 practitioners and a proven track record in SAP projects with over 7,000 projects delivered globally.
  • Deloitte has won numerous SAP quality-related awards over the past few years—including the SAP Pinnacle Award for Quality Partner of the Year.
  • We have developed more than 40 preconfigured SAP-based solutions targeting a range of industry- and issue-specific challenges.

Deloitte & SAP

Dynamic Case Management met Super Mario

Van rechtlijnig proces naar dynamisch proces

Ik houd van games. Toen mijn vader in 1989 een Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) kocht was ik amper een jaar oud, maar wel al degene die er het meest mee speelde. Vooral Super Mario Bros was een van mijn favoriete spellen. Het was simpel en intuïtief genoeg om voor een 1-jarige te kunnen begrijpen. Het viel mij pas geleden op dat deze klassieker veel overeenkomsten had met Workflow Management (WFM) en Business Process Management (BPM) en dat de meest recente titel van Super Mario juist doet denken aan Dynamic Case Management (DCM). Lees de blog van Jason Jie. 



Joeri Bergacker

Joeri Bergacker


Joeri is a Director within the Technology practice of Deloitte and leads the SAP Solutions Service Line in the Netherlands. His focus is on business transformations enabled by SAP ECC, S/4 HANA and/or... Meer

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