Intelligent Programme Management Office (iPMO)

iPMO is a critical component of program success

The spiraling rate of programme failures means there is an increasing need to use PMO as the centre for successful delivery. An intelligent PMO proactively ensures that attention is applied at the right time and in the right way for any large and complex transformation programme.

Your challenge

Does your programme manager spend more time getting the administration right than supporting the wider programme? Do you believe in the reported fact, or do you need independent assurance of the performance of your projects? Is your PMO passively observing without proactive ownership of the outcome?


How can Deloitte help you?

Deloitte’s intelligent PMO (iPMO) brings deep experience in managing complex transformation programme and play the role as the trusted advisor to the programme leadership by generating insights, resolving issues and managing dependencies. iPMO builds upon the core principles of a traditional PMO, but focuses on evolving the capability to provide actionable management information and help drive the realization of output and benefits. This is where the intelligence is applied. iPMO ensures that attention is applied at the right time and in the right way, to increase the successful delivery of projects and programmes.


How does your business benefit?

You will be able to unlock the value of the transformation and avoids pitfalls often responsible for derailing a programme. Moreover, you will be ensured of effective decision-making, efficient resource allocation, change control, pro-active issue resolution and realize consistency in the way of working, communication, planning and reporting. With iPMO you will get better understanding of the dependencies and the alignment between various programmes, IT and business.


Michel Vreedeveld

Michel Vreedeveld


Michel is sinds 1993 actief bij Deloitte Consulting en geeft leiding aan de Technologie praktijk van Deloitte Consulting. Mijn passie is het adviseren van klanten in het succesvol uitvoeren van groots... Meer