Amir Rahnema

Consulting Global Leader of Organization Design Services


Amir Rahnema

Gustav Mahlerlaan 2970

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Amir is Deloitte's global leader of organization design services and is a subject matter expert in the space having led over 40 restructuring and design efforts as part of large-scale business transformations, typically associated with merger and acquisition scenarios, shifts in business strategy, cost reductions and/or new technology implementations.

Amir's industry experience ranges from large scale retail and CPG reorganizations at the enterprise level in North America and Europe, as well as similar redesigns and workforce transformations in Banking, Energy, Manufacturing and the Public Sector.

As part of his global role, Amir leads the development of our methods, thinking and practitioner development in OD, and has most recently led efforts around designing Adaptable Organizations using the Firm's latest thinking in analytics and enterprise agility.

Amir Rahnema